Resources for Leadership and Conflict Resolution

Beyond Borders supports leaders, teams and communities as they plan, solve problems and create solutions. We work all over Alaska supporting Alaskans to be successful as they wrestle with challenges, explore possibilities and engage opportunities.

Our clients are non-profits, businesses, government programs, Native organizations, community groups and faith organizations who want to be more effective in accomplishing their goals.

If you want to set a clear path for the future, support the success of your leaders, improve the performance of your organization or resolve a conflict - we're here.

Strategic Planning ◊ Management Consulting ◊ Team Development

Workplace Conflict Resolution ◊ Leadership Training ◊ Public Participation

Organizational Development ◊ Facilitation ◊ Leadership & Staff Retreats

Conflict Consultation ◊ Organizational Change ◊ Commercial and Civil Mediation

Be sure to visit Alaska's resource for conflict resolution:


Click here for help resolving conflict in your family, your business, and your community.