Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders is an Alaskan non-profit. Founded in 1998, we have partnered with many communities, supporting them as they address their needs and goals. Beyond Borders has served in Alaska, Eastern Russia, Mexico, Swaziland, Southern Sudan, Indonesia and Panama.

Beyond Borders began with projects focused on alleviating poverty and hunger as well as serving orphans and vulnerable children. In time, we recognized that these challenges were often chronically long term. When this was the case, they were invariably linked to the choices, skills and wellness of local leadership. We understood that sustainable impact would come from supporting these leaders in the creation of positive change.

Our focuse shifted to helping local organizations, who were providing direct services, to be well led, sustainable and successful. In 2012, due to frequent requests from organizational leaders for help with their families, we launched the Conflict Resolution Center to help them and others in the community discover ways to successfully resolve conflict. 

Our Mission

Mission: The Mission of Beyond Borders is to partner with communities, empowering them by building leaders and promoting peaceful dispute resolution.

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