Beyond Borders has partnered with Southcentral Foundation's Access to Recovery (ATR) program to support SCF's owner/customers to find ways to resolve conflict well.

We've created a special fee and service structure specifically for participants in the Access to Recovery program. Follow the links below for answers to your questions:

How can conflict coaching or mediation help me?

What makes mediation so valuable?

Tell me about Conflict Coaching for ATR

Tell me about Small Claims Mediation for ATR

What if I'm not enrolled in Access to Recovery?


How can Conflict Coaching or Mediation help me? 

The kinds of problems that can be resolved through Conflict Coaching and Mediation:

  • Unpaid or Disputed bills / Creditors
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Workplace Disputes
  • Conflicts with Neighbors
  • Personal/Property Injury (With damages under $10,000. Larger claims would need to be addressed outside the ATR system.)
  • Family Relationships (Divorce and custody mediation would need to be conducted outside the ATR system.) 

What Make Mediation so Valuable?

·         Less expensive /More affordable.   

o   As compared to litigation or other forms of fighting. 

·         Rapid Settlements.  

o   Usually within days or weeks – not months and years.

·         Confidentiality.

o   What is said in mediation is legally protected and confidential.

·         Mutually Satisfactory Outcomes.

o   Research shows higher satisfaction with mediated solutions.

·         High Rate of Compliance.

o   Greater likelihood of follow-through then with an imposed decision or judgment.

·         Personal Empowerment.

o   Mediation negotiations can provide a forum for learning about and exercising personal power or influence. Mediation manages power imbalances that may be present between parties so that all parties have voice and influence.

·         Comprehensive and Customized Agreement.

o   Settlements can be creative, flexible and address both legal and extra-legal issues.

·         Greater Degree of Control and Predictability of Outcome.

o   Parties who negotiate their own settlements have more control over the outcome of their dispute.

·         Preservation of an Ongoing Relationship or Termination of a Relationship in a More Amicable Way.

o   Many relationships will continue post-dispute. Mediation creates a path for civil relationship and sometimes a restored relationship.

·         Decisions that Hold Up Over Time.

o   Mediated settlements are more likely tend to hold up over time. Mediated agreements are upheld by the courts.


Conflict Coaching

 Individuals can receive coaching from a trained mediator. It’s perfect for individuals who are:

A) Facing a specific situation where there is conflict or

B) Realize they have a tendency to create unhelpful conflicts or avoid conflict.

The coach will support the client to explore the dynamics of the conflict they face, cultivate awareness of their responses to conflict, identify healthy options for responses, search for possibilities for resolution and develop a practical plan.

Follow up sessions are available. Conflict coaching may be used to prepare parties for mediation or to follow up from mediation.

Conflict Coaching rates:

  • $100 per hour
  • First Session: One hour minimum
  • Additional Sessions: Half hour minimum

Small Claim Mediation

 Mediation is a process where two or more parties to a conflict meet with a trained mediator to find a resolution to their conflict. Over 80% of mediations result in both sides arriving at a successful and mutual agreement. 

The mediator is a neutral party to the conversation, assisting both sides to tell their stories & hear each other. The mediator will then guide the parties in an exploration of the problem and identifying solutions. Once a solution is found, the mediator helps the parties draft a settlement agreement which is a clear and simple record of the agreement and helps prevent any future misunderstandings.

Small Claims Mediation rates:

  • $200 Flat Rate
  • 2 hour session
    • Settlement or resolution is not guaranteed, but over 80% of mediations do successfully resolve.
    • Most small claims conflicts can be resolved within 2 hours.
    • The flat rate fee covers costs to all parties.
    • In the case of a hesitant/non-responsive party that is reluctant to come to mediation, we can assist in bring them to the mediation table. A $75 administration fee will be charged for this service. This will include sending a letter and information packet on mediation. If this is unsuccessful, we will follow up with a phone call.


What if I'm not enrolled in Access to Recovery?

You have two options if you are not enrolled in Access to Recovery:

1) You can still receive conflict resolution services from Beyond Borders - however it will be offered at a slightly different rate and service structure. Contact us for more information.

2) If you think you may qualify, you can sign up for Access to Recovery. Click here to be directed to Access to Recovery.